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CoNova participated in the Spineweek 2023

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Update time : 2023-05-19 15:32:08
       CoNova participated in the Spineweek 2023 held in Sydney, Australia from May 1st to May 5th.        
       Spineweek is a joint conference of several leading spine societies globally. It has been held every four years since 2004. The conference covers a wide range of disciplines related to spine, including anesthesia, basic research, biomedical engineering, internal medicine, neurosurgery, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, psychiatry, psychology, and radiology. This year's Spineweek was jointly organized by 18 international research organizations, including ISSLS, AO Spine, APSS, NASS, SMISS, and SOSORT. 
       Wukong device and AlignPro app from our "mskalign" product line's received high attention from the attending experts. The Wukong device provides radiation-free intelligent screening for spinal scoliosis and was highly evaluated for its accuracy, portability, and practicality. In addition, the AlignPro app provides convenient online screening services, personalized exercise prescription, and patient follow-up management for doctors and patients. These two products provide an integrated professional solution for screening, analysis, and treatment of spinal deformities, helping doctors and patients effectively address issues related to spinal deformities.